SVRI Forum 2017: Partnerships for policy change.

We are delighted to invite you to submit abstracts, attend and register for the largest world-wide conference dedicated to research on prevention and response to sexual and intimate partner violence - SVRI’s 5th global conference - SVRI Forum 2017.

SVRI Forum 2017 is a vibrant, informative and fun space for researchers, civil society, policy-makers, donors and others to share and learn about the most current and cutting edge research the field has to offer on sexual and other forms of violence against women and children.  SVRI Forum is the “go to event” in the field - for many of us, it is the most anticipated event in our calendar.

SVRI Forum offers a unique networking opportunity and a space to relax, decompress and spend time with like-minded people. The event provides participants with multiple opportunities to learn and engage with the experts in the field. 

With the recent launch of the Sustainable Development Goals – the 17 goals which the 193 UN member states have committed to achieving over the next 15 years – SVRI Forum 2017 is a timely space to discuss and share strategies for achieving SDG targets aimed at ending all forms of violence against women and girls.

SVRI Forum 2017 is co-hosted by SVRI, Promundo-Brasil, Instituto Fernandes Figueira/FIOCRUZ and the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO). The conference programme will be translated into English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Abstract submissions closed on 1 February 2017.

All submissions will be anonymously reviewed by two members of the abstract review committee.

SVRI Forum 2017 aims to be:

  • Dynamic: mixing oral presentations, special sessions, films, exhibitions and social activities to maximise interactions between participants, speakers and presenters.
  • Innovative: sharing of new, cutting edge research and interventions in the field and creative mechanisms for research communication/dissemination and uptake.
  • Capacity Building: building expertise in research methods and practice to develop a cadre of researchers doing excellent rigorous research and conversant with how to use evidence to influence policy and programme development.
  • Participative and Interactive: encouraging active participation throughout the Forum events and presentations, and fostering discussion, interaction and networking
  • Multigenerational: promoting participation from young to senior researchers. Speaker experience will be considered when developing conference sessions, aiming to ensure a mix of both new and emerging researchers with global experts.
  • Equitable: Promoting meaningful, real north-south; south-north, south-south, as well as researcher-activist and researcher-policy-maker partnerships.  Lead researchers are strongly encouraged to ensure meaningful participation of local partners in their Forum presentation and, where possible, jointly present findings.
  • Focused on low and middle-income countries:  Building evidence for improved responses and prevention efforts in low and middle-income countries is what SVRI is all about, and is a priority for all our events.

Key areas for discussion and debate at SVRI Forum 2017:

  • What do we need to do to meet the SDGs? How should attainment be monitored? How do we scale up prevention?
  • Strengthening the evidence base on prevalence and drivers of sexual and intimate partner and other forms of violence against women and children and LGBTI groups
  • How do we build better interventions? Using evidence to inform locally relevant prevention and response strategies
  • Sharing of new and / or existing tools and methods including:
    - Measuring and monitoring of SGBV-related SDG targets and goals
    Costing of interventions and the overall impact of SGBV
    - Scale-up
  • SGBV in conflict, post-conflict, humanitarian and high urban violence settings - planning, implementing, coordinating and monitoring essential actions to prevent and mitigate impacts of SGBV
  • Facilitating a feminist way forward for women and men to work together on violence against women
  • Interconnections and intersections between different forms of violence across the lifespan
  • Child participation in research on childhood violence and abuse

We are seeking abstracts on:

  • sexual violence;
  • intimate partner violence;
  • child abuse and neglect;
  • HIV and SGBV;
  • Feminist work with men and boys;
  • Femicide
  • (Commercial) Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents (CSECA and SECA)
  • children and adolescents - violence prevention and response;
  • sexual trafficking;
  • sexual abuse and violence in institutional settings;
  • marginalized populations, including women with disabilities, LGBTI, sex workers, migrants, refugees; internally displaced populations, and indigenous populations
  • new forms of gender-based violence including cyber bullying, cyber stalking and secondary victimization;
  • impacts of violence against women and violence against children on mental health;
  • use of technology to prevent and respond to sexual and intimate partner violence and child abuse and exploitation.


We also invite colleagues to submit applications for pre-conference workshops for building capacity in the field.


Write to us at:  or visit   for more information.


We look forward to hosting you in beautiful Brazil!

Monday, September 18, 2017 (All day) to Thursday, September 21, 2017 (All day)