Webinar: Engage with UNAIDS, and partner on the Action Linking Initiatives on Violence Against Women and HIV Everywhere (ALIV[H]E) Framework

The ALIV[H]E Implementation Framework: draws on the evidence for ‘what works’ to prevent HIV and violence against women (VAW), and widens the evidence base on what works, to reduce VAW in the context of HIV. The Framework provides step-by-step approaches to developing effective programmes, including a monitoring and evaluation in VAW and HIV responses.

The Framework bridges the Gap from what to how. Despite growing evidence on the linkages between HIV and VAW, there remains limited practical guidance on how to integrate and operationalise this evidence either programmatically or within national policies. There is also limited evidence on how to address violence against women in all their diversities

The Framework aims to support NGOs and/or CBOs, working with community members in leading creative and dynamic programmes to address VAW in the context of HIV. Donors, researchers and policy-makers can also use it to expand the evidence base in partnership with NGOs and CBOs.





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Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 15:00