Call for proposals by medica mondiale: Côte d’Ivoire 2018 - Improving the situation of women and girls in conflict affected regions

medica mondiale is currently inviting organizations for women’s rights in Côte d’Ivoire to respond to this call for proposals in order to improve the situation of women and girls affected by violence gender-based and perpetrated during or after conflict in the region.

medica mondiale is a non-governmental organization which stands up for women and girls in war and conflict zones throughout the world.


medica mondiale welcomes the proposals on the following topics:

  • Direct services for women and girls affected by sexual or gender-based violence gender such as primary health care, gynecological and mental, justice, education and income generation.
  • Advocacy, Outreach, Leadership Promotion and Networking on combating and preventing sexual and gender-based violence and / or civic and political participation, peacebuilding and justice.

Funding Information

  • The amount of a grant is set at 10,000 Euros per project.
  • The duration of the project is one year maximum.
  • Only one grant per year will be awarded to the same organization.

Eligibility Criteria

  • This call for projects is aimed at women’s rights organizations in the country next: Ivory Coast.
  • Organizations must meet the following criteria:
    • be led by women.
    • have as main mission the protection and the promotion of the rights of the woman, these targets being reflected in the activities of the organization.
    • work for the prevention of and the fight against sexual and gender-based violence against women in war and conflict zones.
    • have an inclusive approach towards all women regardless of their membership ethnic, religious, political belief, sexual orientation, social position or age.
    • target structural changes to end violence against women.
    • Actively take into account the perspectives of the women and girls they support.
    • collaborate with other organizations of the human rights movement and womens rights.
    • be formally registered as a non-governmental organization and without a goal lucrative.
  • medica mondiale does not fund individuals, scholarships, organizations founded or led by government entities or political parties.

Closing date: 1 June 2018

For more information and how to apply, view call in French here: