For Immediate Release: SASA! Together Launched!

February 25th 2020

The Violence Against Women Prevention Team at Raising Voices is thrilled to launch
SASA! Together: An Activist Approach for Preventing Violence Against Women.

SASA! Together is the culmination of 10 years of learning and practice within Raising Voices and among our partners. Supporting diverse partners using SASA! in a wide range of settings taught us so much about the strengths and gaps of the approach. To further that learning, in 2018, we conducted online surveys, key informant interviews, focus group discussions and consultations to discuss and document what works, what doesn’t, what we needed to add, and how we could strengthen the work. We engaged community members, partner organizations, funders, global experts and our closest collaborators at the Center for Domestic Violence Prevention. The revision and creation process took 2 years – using all the learning to reimagine, revise and redesign the SASA! approach. While we have retained community favorites, core elements and the SASA! spirit, we are excited to share the new thinking, content and activities in SASA! Together.

While SASA! Together maintains the four essential elements of SASA! (a gender-power analysis, four phases of change, holistic community engagement, and benefits-based activism), there are some exciting new changes, including:
• Increased focus on intimate partner violence with specific attention to sexual decision-making;
• New strategies – Local Activism, Community Leadership, Institutional Strengthening -- aligned with the ecological model circles of influence to enhance holistic community engagement;
• More guidance on planning for and setting up a strong program foundation;
• Fresh activities such as an embedded couples’ curriculum, social media, strengthening processes for institutions, etc;
• Learning and assessment tools that better track progress and shifts within each phase; and,
• Tools to support and mentor staff, activist leaders and allies in their personal journey of change.

The field of violence against women prevention has evolved incredibly over the past decade, thanks to the efforts of feminist activists, practitioners, donors and academics developing and inspiring positive change. We are immensely encouraged by the achievements and learning from our partners, friends and colleagues around the world to prevent violence against women and create more gender equitable social norms. SASA! Together reflects the collective efforts of our global movement and the latest evidence in the field of violence against prevention.

We are incredibly grateful for the solidarity and sisterhood that lifted us and are particularly thankful for our family at Raising Voices and CEDOVIP and all of our partners for their suggestions, spirit, and support! We look forward to renewed activism – together we can prevent violence against women.

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