Invitation to participate: Gender-based Violence Area of Responsibility Advocacy and Policy Task Team

The Gender-based Violence Area of Responsibility (GBV AoR) works to ensure the recognition that GBV response and prevention is lifesaving, and that GBV programming is the responsibility of all humanitarian actors and needs to be addressed with adequate, comprehensive and coordinated action in humanitarian emergencies from the outset.

You are kindly invited to take part in the GBV Area of Responsibility's newly reinvigorated Advocacy and Policy Task Team.

Details about the first call:

Policy and advocacy focused agencies, or personnel within agencies, are invited to join the first GBV AoR Advocacy and Policy Task Team meeting, to be held on Monday 19th June at 8am Eastern Daylight Time/1pm GMT/2pm CEST/3pm EEST/4pm EAT/7pm ICT/ 10pm AEST).  Those wishing to take part should email, and include their skype name, at least by Sunday 18th June. 


  •  5mins introductions to each other + why people are keen to take part in this Task Team (TT)
  •  20mins review and formal adoption of the TT ToR
  •  5mins Other advocacy and policy related groups to reach out to and engage
  •  15 mins Key global and regional moments and key research/policy initiatives: Each participant is to share key moments coming up which we feel that GBViE should be prioritised.  - E.g. Family       Planning     -   Summit 11th July, UK
  •  5 mins Ways of working discussion - how will we take the strategy and review of the Advocacy Handbook forward in a collaborative way?
  •  5 mins Engaging with GBV WG chairs and REGAs on their needs - division of labour. 


The Advocacy and Policy Task Team will:

  1. Rapidly develop an influencing strategy, which will include: identification and prioritisation of policy influencing papers for the GBV AoR membership to address over the next 2-years; power-mapping and analysis of key moments and research/policy development initiatives over the next 2-years; the development of several key asks to be embedded in to influencing output over the next 2-years.  The strategy will contain key performance indicators.  The strategy will be action-oriented;
  2. Update the GBViE Advocacy Handbook in light of recent progress and recent geopolitical and humanitarian paradigm shifts;
  3. Link and collaborate with the Call to Action process, and other influencing groups working on similar and related issues in the global North and Global South.