Call for a Communications Specialist: Global Shared Research Agenda

Closing date: 20 April 2021
We are seeking support from a communications specialist/agency to assist us in developing a communications campaign to share both how the agenda has been developed and the priorities identified by the field.

Call for a Communications Specialist: Global Shared Research Agenda

Throughout 2020, a participatory process has been underway to shape the Global Shared Research Agenda (GSRA). This is being done through a global priority setting exercise led by the SVRI and the Equality Institute (EQI) supported by a number of advisory structures and experts in the field to identify where major gaps lie and what major questions need to be addressed for the field to make progress towards ending violence against women and girls. This is a complex process, and we are learning the GSRA is not just about ‘what’ is being created but also ‘how’ it is being created.

Historically, research agendas have been shaped by the ideas and priorities of the same individuals and organisations, often from high income countries. Buzz words such as ‘participatory’ and ‘inclusive’ are used to describe research processes but these are not always meaningfully practised. The GSRA process has been created to bring these values to life. It has been intentionally designed to open space and facilitate dialogue so that a diversity of voices is heard and acted upon to shape research priorities as well as the process itself. As a result, the GRSA development process is adaptive and flexible, responding to participant feedback and needs. The focus is on decolonising the research process – challenging the ways we define research and being directed by historically excluded and unheard groups in the research field as to what they think is important.

We are seeking support from a communications specialist/agency to assist us in developing a communications campaign to share both how the agenda has been developed and the priorities identified by the field.

What we are looking for:

We need a highly experienced communications person/team to develop and produce communication content and materials (e.g. text/audio/simple video/web seminars and social media posts, along with design, editing and layout of the report/briefs) based on the GSRA produced for dissemination on SVRI and EQI websites and partners social media channels, as well as other printed materials, presentations. The content produced will contribute to wider visibility and increased uptake of the GSRA. The objective of this communications plan and project is getting the GSRA into use and practice, so that it can bring about widespread research and practice benefits. 

The consultant may be located anywhere in the world, with preference given to teams living and working in low- and middle-income countries. Preference will also be given to teams able to work in multiple languages.

Consultancy Activities:

The consultant or organisation will work directly with the GSRA Stewardship Group led by the SVRI and EQI.  The objectives of the assignment are to:

  • Work with the stewardship group on how best to present the data for different audiences.
  • Edit, design and layout final report, and brief.
  • Craft targeted messages for social media channels as well as text for e-mail marketing and blogs highlighting the GSRA process and findings for various audiences (researchers, practitioners, funders, activists, others).
  • Develop PowerPoint presentations, infographics.
  • Support online events and webinars related to GSRA, including launch in June and regional webinar series up until Nov 2021.

Suggested Outputs and Deliverables:

  • Layout and Design and Editing: Final report, briefs for various audiences.
  • Social Media: Writing, editing, producing social media messages and campaigns, incorporating multimedia on different channels to drive traffic to the GSRA
  • Create social media pack and strategy for the GSRA for different audiences.
  • Presentations and Webinars: Development, Design, Editing and Technical coordination and facilitation for GSRA presentations and webinars.
  • Blog facilitation: Coordinate and facilitate blogs from GSRA stewardship group, advisory group and expert group.
  • Infographics: Produce 2-3 infographics or motion graphics per month on GSRA

Suggested Deliverables and Timelines:




Call for applications published and appoint consultant


Briefing for successful consultant/institution


Draft communication plan for review

May -June

Development of comms products and toolbox

June - Nov

Implementation of communications plan via social media (including info-graphics/messaging etc)

June - July



Series of regional launches of GSRA

Application Process:

Interested candidates must send a proposal by email to no later than 20 April 2021 (midnight South African time) attaching CVs; proposal including project plan, proposed methodology and timeline; budget specifying the daily rate of the consultant (s) and the total number of days allocated to each activity in the project plan (or total budget in the case of organisations applying).


The assignment will be conducted virtually, hence there are no travel or accommodation expenses to be considered. Unless the consultant/s are based in South Africa, the budget should be provided in USD.