SVRI and World Bank Group Development Marketplace Award for Innovation in the prevention and response of gender-based violence 2019

The Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) and the World Bank Group (WBG) are seeks to fund innovative research and interventions or related activities that will contribute to the prevention and response of GBV in low and middle-income countries.

Types of projects eligible for award

Through this award, the SVRI and the WBG are looking to support the following types of projects:                       

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  • Piloting, adaptation, testing and/or scale up of new or promising interventions, including formative research that will contribute to the design of GBV prevention interventions.
  • Projects on the creative uses of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), or multi-components social media campaigns to challenge social norms that promote and accept the use of violence against women and violence against children.
  • Self-contained research projects that are either stand alone or fit within a larger project which will build on, or support GBV prevention or response, including formative research studies, pilot or feasibility studies.
  • Costing studies on promising/effective GBV interventions to assess value for money.
  • Adding a new component/arm to an already funded intervention that can provide additional insight into the effectiveness of intervention components.
  • Projects to disseminate promising research findings including those with creative uses of ICT to advance the effective translation of research findings into policy and practice (increase research uptake and bridge the gap between researchers and program officers).
  • Secondary analysis of existing data.
  • Studies to better understand the mechanisms and pathways of change of effective GBV prevention interventions.
  • Studies to measure ripple/spillover effects of women’s economic empowerment or political participation programming on GBV.
  • Research on the role of the private sector in GBV prevention and response.
  • Impact assessments of what works in GBV prevention (policy and programs) by the private sector at the workplace and in communities.

If the funds are sought for secondary analysis of data, scale up or dissemination activities, the application must provide sufficient information to enable the scientific quality of the original study to be assessed as well as a description of the activities for which funds are requested.

Award Length and Amount

Projects under this call should be for a maximum of up to 24 months duration. The award is expected to cover all, or the majority of, the project/component costs. The common characteristic of these awards is the provision of limited funding for a short period of time with clear measurable outcomes. Awards of up to $100,000 are available. Any applications with requests exceeding USD100,000 will not be considered. Awards will only be made to institutions, companies and not to individuals. Seed grants up to $40,000 are also available for applications from private companies interested in evaluating GBV policies and programmes and willing to provide matching funds. These seed grants can only be used for publicly available outputs.

Guiding Principles for Awards

Awards supported by the SVRI and the World Bank Group should:

  • Adhere to international safety and ethical guidelines
  • Focus on low and middle income-settings
  • Be conceptualized within a human rights framework
  • Strive to be cross-sectoral and multi-disciplinary
  • Where relevant and appropriate endeavor to engage the community that is being researched
  • Challenge the gender hierarchy that contributes to GBV in order to promote gender equality
  • Inform policy, programs and services and serve to strengthen access to comprehensive care and support for survivors

Closing date

Applications closed on  5th September 2018 at 11:59:59pm South African Standard Time (5:59:59pm EDT). Late applications are not accepted.

How to apply

Applications for an SVRI and World Bank Group Development Marketplace Award for Innovation in the prevention and response of gender-based violence must be made online at: To access this award opportunity, you must first create an account on proposalCENTRAL. Select South African Medical Research Council as the Award Maker in the drop-down menu. All information needed for proposal submission is available online in the SVRI and World Bank Group Development Marketplace for Innovation on GBV Prevention Award Application Guidelines (available in English, French and Spanish).

Award Information Summary

  • Level of award: Up to $100,000USD and up to $40,000 for private sector seed grants.
  • Period of award: up to 24 months.
  • Closing date for applications: 5th September 2018 at 11:59:59pm South African Standard Time (5:59:59pm EDT).
  • Further information:
     - Technical - or
     - Online application form issues -
  • Language of application: Applications in English, French and Spanish will be accepted.
  • Method of application: Applications must be submitted online (Award Maker Sexual Violence Research Initiative and World Bank Group).

Only proposals submitted online via the Proposal Central website before the given closing date and time will be considered. Online applications can be complicated. Please try and submit well before the deadline. The SAMRC, WBG and Proposal Central will not be held responsible for delays in internet connectivity or problems experienced with the online form.

See RFP in French and Spanish.

See SVRI and WBG Development Marketplace Award for Innovation in addressing GBV Webinar Audio Recording, Power Point Presentation.