January 2017

Grassroot Soccer South Africa: Speak up! Young South African women share stories of identity, gender and violence

Submitted by Amy Hill (StoryCenter’s Silence Speaks Director) and Jenn Warren (Grassroot Soccer South Africa’s Strategic Communications Manager)

This was first published by StoryCenter. Permission to publish on the SVRI Blog was given by the authors.

Emergency contraception is a simple part of post-rape care: Why is it not routinely provided?

[Photo: WRC]

Submitted by Melissa Garcia, International Consortium for Emergency Contraception, and Sarah Rich, Women’s Refugee Commission.

Emergency contraception (EC) can reduce the risk of pregnancy after unprotected sex, including in cases of sexual violence. Global guidance is clear that EC should be offered to women and girls within 120 hours of sexual violence to prevent the traumatic consequences of pregnancy resulting from rape.