December 2019

Pathways to VAW research and SVRI Forum

Written by Jesus Hernandez (Ponce Health Sciences University).

Through the years of our lives we are acquiring new ways of living and new experiences that help us strengthen ourselves as human beings with a clear vision of what the next step will be in order to enlarge our purpose on Earth.

Exactly, with this type of thinking I was creating my path by having experienced when I was 18 years old, the death of a sister from an event of domestic violence. I clearly remember how I woke up every day, not knowing what the plan would be to continue when I hardly had the energy.

The need to humanize the numbers

Written by Godfrey Siu and Carolyn Namutebi (Makerere University).

The SVRI Forum 2019 has just ended in Cape Town. We were privileged to be among the over 700 delegates who participated in the highly interesting and sometimes emotional 5-day program that had been carefully curated for us.

We have gone to the Forum 3 times before, but this was like no other! While the research presentations continue to maintain their high quality, the personal stories of some key speakers, particularly the survivors of intimate partner violence, were the highlight.

SVRI Forum – ‘Networking working’

Written by Willie Manson (Lucy Faithfull Foundation).

In October 2019 I was lucky enough to be granted a bursary to attend the SVRI Forum in Cape Town, South Africa. I was not to be presenting at the event which removed some of the pressure that I might normally feel and afforded me the fantastic opportunity to learn about research and interventions from across the world. 

SVRI Forum 2019: Perspectives from a young researcher

Written by Manuela Balliet 

When I landed in Cape Town international airport on a lovely night and heard my suitcase was delayed with no clear prospect of return, I was frustrated. A week before traveling, I had planned carefully my outfit for each day of the conference and had wished to wear my favourite dress, a gift from my mother, to present at the prestigious SVRI conference.

It was my first conference as a researcher, and in spite of the unfortunate luggage incident, I was incredibly excited.

Why I became a researcher