January 2020

Comprehensive Sexuality Education to prevent intimate partner violence among adolescents and youth

Written by Mariana Cruz Marueta (IPPF/WHR), Ivon Silva Márquez (Mexfam) and Génesis Luigi (IPPF/WHR).

“My dad controls and forbids many things to my mother; he wants to control everything. But their relationship is a good one. When they fight, they only yell at each other; there’s no hitting or anything like that.”

SVRI Forum 2019: A Legal Practitioner’s Perspective

Written by Lindsay Henson (Lawyers against Abuse).

In October 2019, I had the privilege of joining hundreds of researchers, government officials, and practitioners at the SVRI Forum in Cape Town, South Africa. Coming from a small non-profit organisation, my attendance was made possible through a generous bursary which covered my travel, accommodation and conference expenses.