August 2020

Nigeria – Rising levels of Gender-Based Violence and central role of a vibrant civil society for change

Written by Soyem Osakwe

Nigeria is failing its women and girls in so many ways. The latest spate of violence across the country has underscored the critical need for government to act swiftly to protect its most vulnerable and put an end to gender-based violence. From the camps of internally displaced persons, to states across the federation, it is the same story; women and girls have been victims of gruesome attacks.

Nine Ways to Prepare to Testify in Court

Written by Lisa Aronson Fontes, PhD.

Get the outcome you want in court by being prepared for the big day. Although you may feel concerned or even terrified about testifying against the person who abused you, there are good reasons to work through your fear and do it anyway.

Here are some: speaking your truth in court can be empowering; you may save your life and others’ lives by testifying and testifying may be the only way to achieve safety. 

We Built the First Kenyan App for Tracking Gender Violence: Here’s What We Learnt

Written by Sarah Dickins and Naomi Mwaura.

It’s almost exactly 25 years since the seminal Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, which called for an end to all forms of violence against women and violence against children. Since then, global interest, funding and initiatives to tackle GBV have grown exponentially - but not evenly.