November 2022

Researching Online Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) against Teens and Young People in Nepal - Challenges and Responses

SVRI Research Grant #16Days 2022 Blog Series 

Written by Anil Raghuvanshi and Preeti Maharjan, ChildSafeNet

In this blog we talk about some of the challenges we faced in conducting the research and share the solutions we found to overcome them. In so doing, we hope that others will learn from our experiences and find our strategies helpful when planning for research in similar settings.

Making waves

Written by Kathleen Murphy

Even the most powerful waves begin as a ripple. Yet once a wave meets its crest, nothing can slow its force. Witnessing the tremendous efforts by attendees at SVRI Forum 2022 to reduce violence against children and women was very much emblematic of a wave; while there is still far to go to end violence driven by gender inequality, the initiatives shared at the Forum had such momentum, that it gave me optimism that there is only forward from here.