Understanding High Impact Practices and Promising High Impact Practices

[Image: edobrienhr]

Submitted by Elizabeth Dartnall, SVRI

The Family Planning High Impact Practices initiative is a global collective working to identify “high impact practices” in the field of family planning.  They have put out a brief on all current family planning programmes and practices assessed as “high impact”.

High Impact Practices (HIPs) are defined as “effective service delivery or systems interventions that when scaled up and institutionalized, will maximize investments in a comprehensive family planning strategy.”

A great initiative that promotes evidence based programming and helps us to unpack different levels of evidence. For example, a promising high impact practice is described as an intervention "that has good evidence but more information is needed to fully document implementation experience and potential impact. These interventions should be promoted widely, provided they are implemented within the context of research and are carefully evaluated in terms of impact and process.”

Read more about HIP here and let us know what you think!

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