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In 2014, the SVRI Grant was established to fund research focusing on violence against women (VAW). The grant’s success led the SVRI to partner with the World Bank Group in 2016 on the Development Marketplace Award for Innovation in the Prevention and Response of VAW and VAC.

SVRI grant-making has enabled the support and funding of 50 innovative research projects in 30 countries, infusing more than $5 million USD into the field of VAW and VAC research. The SVRI is proud to issue grants to unique projects that might not otherwise have received funding, such as secondary data analysis, adding in qualitative questions or an additional arm to a study or research on methods. In funding a broad range of methodologies, the SVRI is contributing to the technical development of the field of VAW and VAC research.

Proposals received

From 2014 - 2019, the SVRI has received over 1,095 proposals.

Grants disbursed

Topics covered

Projects that have been funded to date cover a wide range of topics, including: 

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Awards by Year

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