Development Marketplace 2018: Adaptation and scale up of School Action Groups in schools in Bougainville and Papua New Guinea

Project Summary

Informed by the significant issues around violence against women in Papua New Guinea, Equal Playing Field (EPF) implements an eight-week curriculum to primary school children in Port Moresby and Bougainville. The curriculum focuses on healthy relationships, respectful behaviors, and gender equality, and is implemented by 90 volunteer facilitators who have worked with more than 3,000 young people and 80 teachers in eight primary schools in Port Moresby and Bougainville. The project is slated to expand into the Solomon Islands.

Since an eight-week curriculum is unlikely to make lasting change for students, EPF is seeking to implement a "School Action Group" program. With a cohort of boys and girls who benefited from the eight-week program and having experienced significant change and motivation as a result of EPF, their enthusiasm can be captured and extended through participation in school action groups that support young people to continue activities related to gender equality and ending violence against women after the EPF program ends. 

Country: Papua New Guinea 

Lead agency: Equal Playing Field

PI: Lauren Siegmann

Adapting and scaling up Respectful Relationships and School Action Group programs to prevent violence against women and girls in Papua New Guinea