Development Marketplace 2018: Geeks against GBV - Unlocking potential of new change makers and leveraging ICT solutions

Project Summary:

This project aims at re-invigorating efforts of key stakeholders in Armenia in combating gender based violence, particularly using specifically designed mobile applications and networks of peer-mentors (GBV and human rights experts, psychologist practitioners, and legal experts) for providing online support to women and protecting them from occurrences of on-line violence, guiding them and providing necessary support in case such violence occurs. Another important output of the project is database that is linked with mobile application and records and categorizes each case of violence. Such a database will provide Project stakeholders a long term perspective with necessary statistical support for policy formulation, design, and implementation of interventions, monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment.

To launch an effective introduction and a country wide application of the mentioned instrument, the set of activities will be carried out to launch new institutional dialogue between key stakeholders, build respective capacities of women and human rights organizations, unlock active involvement of engaged Armenian society (IT professionals) in combating gender-based violence, as well as to raise awareness of potential project beneficiaries.

Country: Armenia

Lead agency: Enterprise Incubator Foundation

PI:  Bagrat Yengibaryan

Geeks against GBV: Unlocking potential of new change makers and leveraging ICT solutions