Development Marketplace 2018: Impact evaluation of the Adolescent Mothers Program of the Juanfe Foundation for the prevention of gender-based violence in Colombia

Project Summary:

The Intervention of the Juanfe, called Model 360, is integral since it covers all the relevant dimensions of a human being, including physical, emotional, psychological health, and education, among others, that if strengthened properly can break poverty traps, prevent teenage pregnancies and infant deaths, and also, as a direct impact, prevent violence against women. Model 360 transforms adolescent mothers at risk of being victims of violence into empowered mothers. It promotes their development and that of their children, preventing the emergence of cases of violence against them and in their homes.

With the help of the Inter-American Development Bank and the Universidad de los Andes, the impact evaluation of the intervention was started in the short term. This evaluation of the controlled (randomized) social experiment will help improve the processes of the Juanfe and increase knowledge on the prevention of sexual violence. However, the greatest impacts are found in the medium and long term, which is why the project is intended to extend the temporality of the evaluation.

Country: Colombia

Lead agency: Fundación Juan Felipe Gómez Escobar

PI:  Arturo Harker

Evaluating the Impact of the Teenage Mothers Program of Juanfe Foundation on Gender Based Violence, Colombia /  Evaluación de Impacto del Programa de Madres Adolescentes de la Fundación Juanfe para la prevención de Violencia Basada en Genero, Colombia