Development Marketplace 2018: Prevention of intimate partner violence among newly married couples in Jordan

Project Summary:

The main goal of this project is to study and identify whether a primary prevention program of intimate partner violence among new married couples in Jordan actually increases knowledge and attitudes about gender norms and violence; and helps newly married couples to avoid gender-based violence or disclose behavior change. This study comprises of two interventions:

  1. A pre-marriage course-Supreme Judge Department (SJD), and the complementary preventive intervention, Health and Reproductive Awareness (HRA). The pre-marriage course-SJD, is a new national program targeted at those who will get married. It is a four-hour module, covering topics such as violence, reproductive health, communication skills, and rights.
  2. The second intervention is a nine-month mentoring program that focuses on follow-up of new couples, especially during the first pregnancy.

Project partners are Try Center for Training and Education (Jordan), Cambridge Reproductive Health Consultants (USA), and the Institute for Family Health (Jordan). The project will ensure that basic ethical principles are followed when collecting data and implementing interventions.

Country: Jordan

Lead agency: Try Center for Training and Education

PI: Majd Hammad

Preventing intimate partner violence (IPV) among newly-weds in Jordan