SVRI Forum Awards 2017

SVRI Forum 2017: Partnerships for Policy Action, 18-21 September 2017, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Science Pitch

Best Science Pitch
Icela Zavala
TitleCo-production of research and theory of change as a basis for evidence-based interventions to prevent dating violence: a process evaluation of comprehensive sexuality education in Mexico City

Runner Up Science Pitch
Winner: Phiona Koyiet
Title: Supporting men to manage common mental health problems as a means to prevent intimate partner violence in urban Kenya

Best Young Researcher Science Pitch
: Priscila Parada
TitleEnding violent relationships: a literature review

Runner Up Young Researcher Science Pitch
: Ishra Nazeer
TitleCyberbullying: Prevalence and risk among youth in a South Asian setting

Research Presentation

Best Research Presentation
: Maree Crabbe
TitlePorn: Eroticising Violence and Inequality: Why pornography is a violence prevention issue we can’t afford to ignore

Runner Research Presentation
r: Sophie Namy
TitleNew pathways to prevention? Exploring the intersections of violence against women and children in the family

Best Research Presentation Young Researchers
: Alys McAlpine, Sheru Muuo
Title: What is an effective model of care for GBV survivors in a refugee camp? Evaluation of a task-sharing approach to GBV case management in the Dadaab refugee camps

Alys McApline                               Sheru Muuo

Runner Up Research Presentation Young Researchers
: CJ Hamilton, Kirsche Walker
Title: Making the case for involving young people in research on sexual violence


CJ Hamilton                                        Kirsche Walker