Violence: An Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference

This inclusive interdisciplinary meeting starts from the premise that violence is a complex, multi-faceted concept. It can affect anyone personally or professionally, either directly or indirectly. There is scarcely an occupation or practice that has not in some way contributed to the way violence is understood, experienced or addressed in society. Accordingly, the event seeks to provide a space for inclusive inter-disciplinary dialogues that facilitate a better understanding of violence and strategies for dealing with it in our communities with a view to forming a publication to engender further collaboration and discussion.

Consistent with its interdisciplinary ethos, the event proposes to step outside the traditional conference setting and offer opportunities for artists, photographers, practitioners, theorists, independent scholars, academics, performers, writers, and others to intermingle, providing platforms for interdisciplinary interactions that are fruitful and conducive to broadening horizons and sparking future projects, collaborations, and connections.

The organisers welcome proposals for presentations, displays, exhibits, round tables, panels, interactive workshops and other activities to stimulate engagement and discussion on any aspect of violence; potential topics for exploration include:

  • Philosophical perspectives
  • Violence and the law
  • Violence in religious/sacred traditions
  • Psychological and medical perspectives on causes and effects of violence
  • Strategies for stopping/reducing violent behaviour in individuals or groups
  • Case studies of perpetrators and victims
  • Treatment of violence in education curriculum development practices
  • Economics of violence (munitions business, arms deals, etc.)
  • Promotion of violence through language and cultural cues
  • Media coverage of violence
  • Representations of violence in film, television, video, games, art, literature, mythology, poetry, theatre, music and other creative practices
  • Weapons and technologies that enable/prevent violence
  • Activism, grassroots, NGOs
  • Types of violence
  • Hate crimes
  • Mass shootings/bombings
  • Domestic abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Institutional violence
  • State-sanctioned violence (war, genocide, torture, capital punishment, etc.)
  • Violence in the workplace
  • Violence in medical/scientific testing
  • Violence toward non-humans (animals, the environment)

Location: Verona, Italy

For more information and how to register, visit:

Monday, July 15, 2019 (All day) to Tuesday, July 16, 2019 (All day)