Short Term Consultant: Design and Testing of GBV Prevention Accompanying Measures for a Social Safety Net Program

The World Bank’s Gender Innovation Lab (GIL) seeks to identify effective policies to address gender inequality in Africa, particularly by promoting women’s economic opportunity and social empowerment. To do this, GIL produces new evidence for decision-makers in government and the private sector on what does and does not work to address the underlying causes of gender inequality. GIL is partnering with the Cameroon Social Safety Net project to test the effectiveness of integration intimate partner violence prevention activities into the Social Safety Net program.

Funding from the Rapid Social Response (RSR) Multi-Donor Trust fund has been obtained:
1) to design the interventions to reduce the risk of gender-based violence among beneficiaries of the World Bank’s Social Safety Net Project
(2) to research implementation challenges and successes associated with the integration of gender-based violence prevention programming into social safety net systems.

This Terms of Reference is for an intimate partner violence prevention specialist to design two interventions for integration into the Cameroon Social Safety Net project, based on existing evidence of what works to prevent or reduce intimate partner violence. The Consultant will design one intervention to be delivered to groups of Social Safety Net project beneficiary households and another intervention to be delivered by entertainment media (probably radionovelas) to everyone in the program communities. In consultation with the Social Safety Net project team and local experts, the Consultant will develop the interventions, pilot test and refine them, and then conduct a training of trainers for their implementation.

Interested candidates should send a CV to Rachael S. Pierotti ( and Estelle Koussoubé ( in an email with a description of all relevant experience.