The SVRI Forum Spotlight: Raising Voices revises SASA! Together

SASA!, the evidence-based approach to preventing violence against women (VAW) developed by Raising Voices has been revised in SASA! Together. The revision was inspired by the evidence in the broader field of VAW prevention field and practice-based learning generated from using SASA! in various contexts over the last decade. Highlights of SASA! Together include:

·       a revised theory of change including three strategies that directly engage each level of the ecological model;

·       a focus on sexual decision-making;

·       an embedded curriculum for couples;

·       increased focus on skill building;

·       a variety of new activities to engage communities in creative and impactful ways;

·       new section for supporting staff, activists, leaders and institutional allies; and,

·       a strengthened learning and assessment framework that supports iterative programming.

The first global preview of SASA! Together will be shared at the 2019 SVRI Forum, details in the programme here