Webinar recording: Unite for a Better Life - Leveraging podcasts to prevent IPV

Dr. Vandana Sharma and Machrine Birungi highlight good practices and challenges from developing and testing the Unite for a Better Life (UBL) podcast series to prevent intimate partner violence in a Somali refugee setting. The UBL podcast series is an innovative, gender-transformative programme that builds on the Somali tradition of storytelling. Podcast episodes, including dramas, interviews, and debates, were co-created by Somali refugees and broadcast at listening centres in the Bokolmayo refugee camp along the Ethiopia-Somalia border. The UBL podcast series includes a total of 16 episodes that address gender, healthy sexuality, conflict resolution, household task-sharing, substance use, and sexual harassment.

This is the third webinar in a three-part series.

  • Watch the first webinar here.
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  • Watch the third webinar here.

For more information visit https://prevention-collaborative.org/resource/unite-for-a-better-life-le...