Blog: Self-Care - What’s Power Got to do With It?

Written by Ayesha Mago, Anik Gevers and Leila Billing
In our field of work we are aware of the high risk of vicarious trauma, stress, and burnout and at SVRI we have been committed to addressing these issues particularly through proactive preventive actions such as through self and collective care.

During and in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many organisations have made efforts to support their staff in different ways and given thought to how to prioritise and encourage self-care both at and outside of work. Whilst this is a hopeful sign and there is evidence of good practice examples in the field globally, we reflect on how dominant narratives around self-care and well-being continue to frame this essential practice in a way that is not inclusive or accessible to most. This blog reflects on the question:  how do power and privilege impact on concepts of and access to self and collective care within organisations?