Call for Papers: Deportees, Exiles, Refugees – Domestic Violence Against Women in East Asian and South East Asian Countries

Deportees, Exiles, Refugees
Submission deadline: 30 June 2019

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The online journal of studies on women’s memory “Deportees, Exiles, Refugees” (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice) announces a call for papers for a special issue focused on “Domestic violence against women in East Asian and South East Asian Countries: a multidisciplinary research” [provisional title].

This Special issue will deal with the phenomenon of domestic violence in East Asia and South East Asia with a special focus on China from different perspectives: legal, socio-cultural, ethnographic, gender, psychological, to name but a few. Domestic violence is a worldwide phenomenon and although it is an issue that exceeds both culture and national identity, its nature may vary from country to country based on socio-cultural factors. The interest about studies on this topic, especially the gender-based one, emerged in the last Century even before the Seventies, but only recently it has become a priority in the policies of governments and for the International community. Indeed, the social conviction of domestic violence as an element of destabilization of the family unit and of the State social order is rather recent. Traditionally the patriarchal values, on which the family based its relationships, considered the intra-family violence a common, natural and well tolerated behavior among people belonging to the same family and in particular towards women. We are especially interested in papers dealing with domestic violence in its various forms (symbolic, structural, for example) in the context of East Asian and South East Asian countries and in analysis such as empirical research contributions and conceptual pieces exploring the topic from different disciplines.

The editor invites contributions from scholars working across transnational contexts, professional contexts, and across disciplines and encourages the submission of abstracts addressing the following research fields:

• Sociology

• Law

• Anthropology

• Psychology

• History

• Linguistics