Call for Papers: Research to promote a healthy and resilient child abuse and neglect workforce

Deadline: 31 December 2018

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This special issue will be a collection of papers addressing research and practice topics focused on the health, resilience and capacity of the child abuse & neglect workforce. Research attention towards workforce health, resilience and capacity has gained momentum among child- and youth-serving organisations internationally. Potential negative effects of doing trauma-focused work with complex communities, families and individuals is recognised. For example, an occupational challenge for those working with people affected by child abuse & neglect is the potential for vicarious traumatization, or experiencing negative impacts of hearing the stories of inflicted trauma. Resilience and other positive effects have also been documented among child protection workers.

The goal of the special issue will be to highlight research on both negative and positive impacts of performing the complex work of helping children who experience, or are at risk of experiencing, child abuse and neglect. This work may involve direct involvement with children and their families or may be through indirect exposure to child abuse and neglect. Articles are welcome that present data on the scope of the problem, provide insight into risk and protective factors for being negatively impacted by the work, and deliver evidence for supporting interventions or systems that mitigate negative impacts and/or promote resilience. Methodological studies such as instrument or measures development and systematic reviews are also welcome.

Innovative research studies in the following areas will be given priority:

  1. Epidemiological studies of work-related mental, physical, social and/or behavioural impacts of work on members of the child abuse & neglect workforce including allied disciplines and occupations
  2. Studies of innovative interventions to promote workplace health and resilience among the child abuse & neglect workforce
  3. Policy research on the impact of pioneering systems-level improvements that impact child protection workers and allied disciplines

Manuscript proposals (500 words) should be submitted via email to Beth E. Molnar - and Jennifer Fraser -

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