Call for Papers: Sexual Violence – International Perspectives and Recommendations for Research, Practice, and Policy

Sexual Violence – International Perspectives and Recommendations for Research, Practice, and
Submission Deadline: 1 February 2020
Special Issue for Psychology of Violence

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Sexual violence is a global epidemic with enormous social, psychological, and economic costs to societies worldwide. This Special Issue will highlight research regarding sexual violence worldwide, with an emphasis on research focused on sexual violence in understudied contexts and among vulnerable populations.  The primary goals of this special issue are to both increase our understanding of sexual violence globally and to provide recommendations for research, practice, and policy initiatives.  

Psychology of Violence (Impact Factor: 2.50) is intending to publish a special issue in 2021 focusing on international perspectives on sexual violence research. The editors of this special issue will be the current journal associate editor, David DiLillo, University of Nebraska Lincoln, and guest editor, Heather Littleton, East Carolina University.

The theme of sexual violence includes multiple forms of sexual violence, including, but not limited to, childhood sexual abuse, rape, and sexual harassment, occurring across the lifespan. Papers are welcome with data collected from any country, particularly papers focusing on sexual violence in countries and among populations that have been understudied in much of the empirical literature.  Relevant topics include:

  • The epidemiology of sexual violence with a focus on psychological, cultural, and societal factors.
  • Risk and protective factors for sexual victimization and/or perpetration.
  • Consequences of sexual victimization, including negative outcomes and resilience.
  • Sexual violence among highly vulnerable marginalized groups (e.g., trafficked individuals, individuals with disabilities, sexual and gender minorities).
  • Evidence-based intervention and prevention programming at the societal, community, and/or individual level. 

In order to be considered for this issue, the study population must be understudied in the existing empirical literature. 

Empirical papers, quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods investigations and integrative review papers will be considered. Studies addressing the needs of vulnerable populations are particularly encouraged as are those that focus on the role of cultural factors in sexual violence.  All papers must delineate clear and focused recommendations in the areas of research, practice, and policy.

Psychology of Violence is a multidisciplinary research journal devoted to violence and extreme aggression, including identifying the causes of violence, finding ways to prevent or reduce violence, and developing practical interventions and treatments.

Authors considering submitting a paper are asked to read the submission guidelines carefully. Invitation to submit to this special issue does not guarantee acceptance, and all papers will be subject to the usual peer review processes of the journal.

Manuscripts should be submitted by February 1st, 2020.

Any queries can be addressed to Heather Littleton at or David DiLillo at

The Call for Papers is available in Pdf format here.