Call for Papers: Special Issue on Guns and Gun Violence

Violence and Gender
Deadline: 15 April 2019

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Accounts of mass shootings, active shooters, homicide, and other forms of gun violence are frequent subjects in the news today. In light of these events, Violence and Gender is seeking high quality research on the topic of guns and gun violence for a special issue to be published in late 2019. Gun violence research is currently published across a variety of fields including psychology, sociology, and public health, among others. This topic is inherently multidisciplinary and affects individuals, groups, and society as a whole on a profound level. This special issue will provide a cohesive and updated view of gun research on a national and international scale. 

The Journal will consider research articles, reviews, perspectives, and commentaries on the on the following topics:

  • Cross-national comparisons of gun ownership and gun violence: is the U.S. unique, or are there common factors?
  • Effects of gun violence on health, mental health, and social relations
  • Does gun ownership contribute to or reduce gun violence?
  • History of guns, gun culture, and gun ownership in the U.S.
  • Why do individuals own and use firearms?
  • Racial, ethnic, and gender-based violence & firearms
  • Gender differences in use of firearms
  • Firearm accessories and gun violence
  • Suicide and gun violence
  • Legal mandates and policy recommendations regarding firearms
  • Politics of gun violence and gun violence prevention
  • Origins of firearms used in violence
  • Guns, violence, mass murder: an international perspective
  • Gun violence, social media & the copycat effect
  • Relevance of choice of firearms in mass shootings - post Columbine
  • Guns in school: "arming the good guys" legislation & policies
  • Red flag states, gun possession & law enforcement/mental health response 
  • Importance of gun possession within a threat assessment context
  • Gun homicide and violence
  • Multidisciplinary approaches to gun violence prevention and interdiction: a medical perspective
  • Risk factors for gun violence- from a medical & prevention perspective
  • Adolescence and gun violence: past & future trends & their implications
  • Family cultures and the development of gun violence

For pre-submission inquiries or any questions on this special issue, please contact Dr. Lacey Wallace.

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