Call for Papers: Universal health coverage – sexual and reproductive rights in focus

Deadline: 31 December 2019

[Photo Source: Sheknows]

The journal of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights have launched a call for papers on Universal Health Coverage: Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Focus.  This themed issue will include a combination of invited papers and those received from an open call for papers.

Aims for this themed issue are to:

  • Generate and disseminate rights and evidence-based knowledge on UHC and SRHR reflecting global and regional, national and local perspectives and the needs and rights of most marginalized    populations,
  • Influence global, regional and national agenda setting and policy and programmatic developments,
  • Connect various actors in the field of SRHR and UHC, including local and global researchers, policy makers, service providers and advocates to create and strategically use evidence and rights-based knowledge in influential ways,
  • Build capacity and provide mentoring for knowledge generation as needed.

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