Webinar: Including Diverse Voices: Research priority setting for technology facilitated GBV

Webinar materials are now available online
The SVRI along with UN Women, APC, and the Global Partnership hosted a discussion at the NGO CSW67 on the current research priority setting process to create a fair, effective, and relevant research agenda on TFGBV.

This is a parallel event in the framework of the NGO CSW67 Forum

An understanding of the importance, pervasiveness, and profound impact of online violence on women, gender equality and the open and peaceful functioning of democracies is gaining traction providing an opportunity for the field to advocate for more and better resources to address knowledge gaps and build better programmes to respond to and prevent technology facilitated gender based violence (TFGBV). Co-creating a set or research priorities for the field can be a helpful strategy to address these knowledge gaps and move the field forward in a more joined up way as well as to bring more diverse voices into discussions on this issue. During this session we discussed how SVRI and key partners (UN Women, APC and others) are working on a RPS to draw on the wisdom of the crowd and set research priorities for the next 5-10 years for fair, effective and relevant research on tech facilitated gender-based violence.

The webinar recording and other relevant materials are now available online here.