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SVRI Coordinating Group

  • Professor Jill Astbury
    Monash University, Australia
  • Dr Gary Barker
    Senior Technical Advisor for Gender, Violence and Rights, International Center for Research on Women
  • Dr Claudia Garcia-Moreno
    WHO Department of Gender, Women and Health, Geneva
  • Alessandra Guedes
  • Dr M.E. Khan
    FRONTIERS Program, for the Population Council, India
  • Dr Nduku Kilonzo
    Liverpool VCT, Care & Treatment (LVCT) Kenya
  • Dr Tandiar Samir
    Centre for Development Services, Near East Foundation, Egypt
  • Dr Ia Verulashvili
    Women's Center, Georgia
  • Professor Rachel Jewkes
    Medical Research Council, South Africa

SVRI Secretariat

  • Professor Rachel Jewkes
    SVRI Secretary
  • Liz Dartnall
    SVRI Programme Officer
  • Lizle Loots
    SVRI Researcher

Conference Management Team

  • Monalisa Hela
    Gender and Health Research Unit, Administrator
  • Mandy Salomo
    Event Manager
  • Meagan Simpson
    Event Co-ordinator
  • Deon Salomo
    Event Co-ordinator