6th Global Conference on Violence Against Women | CTICC, South Africa | 21-25 October 2019

SVRI Forum Prizes and Hall of Fame

SVRI recognises and celebrates evidence based research through prize giving and awards. The SVRI Forum Awards and Hall of Fame recognises outstanding research in the following categories:

  • Science Pitch
    • Best Science Pitch
    • Runner-up Science Pitch
  • Best Young Researcher Science Pitch
    • Runner-up Young Researcher Science Pitch
    • Research Presentation
  • Best Research Presentation
    • Runner-up Research Presentation
    • Best Research Presentation Young Researcher
    • Runner-up Research Presentation Young Researcher
  • Awards judgment criteria is based on:
    • Quality of content
    • Structure of the abstract
    • Presentation
    • Ability to defend the paper/results during the question time from the audience

Visit the SVRI website to view previous award winners.