6th Global Conference on Violence Against Women | CTICC, South Africa | 21-25 October 2019


The SVRI Forum 2019 recognises the value of networking as a powerful tool to build relationships, increase personal and professional opportunities, and to grow through what we learn from others.  To create a truly interactive conference experience this year, we will be offering various networking opportunities over the course of the conference week.

Networking events will include:

  • Cocktail reception: The SVRI Forum 2019 Cocktail Reception serves as the official opening of the conference and offers a semi-professional, semi-social networking space for all delegates.
  • Gala dinner at Gold Restaurant: The SVRI Forum’s Gala dinner is without doubt our most popular social and networking event at the conference. This event offers delegates the opportunity to network freely and informally over a delicious meal and awesome, local entertainment.
  • Speed networking: This event will offer delegates an opportunity to connect in a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere. Speed networking aims to match like-minded individuals in discussing their topics of interest and building lasting professional relationships. More information to follow soon.
  • Meeting leaders in the VAW field: The SVRI Forum is a space known for bringing together the front runners in the field. This year, we are planning on giving delegates a chance to meet their heroes and sheroes to talk about life stories, achievements and defining moments in their lives. Watch this space for more to come!
  • Well-being @ SVRI Forum 2019: Various well-being activities will be available where delegates can connect and debrief. Please see our well-being page for more.

Please visit again as this page will be updated as more details come available!

Networking resources:
Below, find some valuable reading on how to build your networking skills for making the right connections!