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A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial To Assess The Impact Of Safe On Spousal Violence Against Women And Girls In Slums Of Dhaka Bangladesh

Naved, R.T., Al Mamun, M., Mourin, S.A., & Parvin, K. (2018). A cluster randomized controlled trial to assess the impact of SAFE on spousal violence against women and girls in slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh. PLoS ONE. 13(6), e0198926.


This paper assesses the impact of SAFE, a 20-month intervention (March 2012 to October 2013) in slums of Dhaka on IPV and tests effectiveness of female only groups vs. no groups; and female + male groups vs. female only groups on IPV in the community using a threearm cluster randomized controlled trial. SAFE’s core activities included interactive group sessions, community mobilisation, and services. The last two activities were common across arms.  

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