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We are deeply grateful to you our dedicated, passionate partners for your commitment to building innovative, evidence-based solutions to respond and prevent violence against women and violence against children in low and middle income countries. Your support, including your financial and generous in-kind contributions alongside superior technical guidance are an integral component of SVRIs success in building an inclusive, committed, kind and impactful field.

Funding Partners

SVRI Funders

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SVRI Forum Funders

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Collaborative Partners (including SVRI Forum)

We recognise and deeply value the importance of networks and partnerships in addressing violence against women and violence against children. Everything we do as the SVRI, we do in partnership and through our work and events, we have witnessed how collaborations between researchers, practitioners, policymakers, donors, activists, and others can lead to significant progress in preventing and responding to violence.

SVRI partners that we have worked with and continue to collaborate with include:

Raising Voices
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SVRI Technical Specialists and Consultant Partners

  • Alexandra De Filippo
  • Amy Riley-Powell
  • Ana Agostino
  • Aník Gevers
  • Anjalee Kohli
  • Averile Ryder
  • Carol Labor
  • Claire Leisegang
  • Devi Leiper O’Malley
  • Dharini Priscilla
  • Elizabeth Louis
  • Ellen Bates-Jefferys
  • Erin Stern
  • Jacob van Garderen
  • Jill Thorne
  • Joy Watson
  • Julienne Corboz
  • Kathleen Dey
  • Keerty Nakray
  • Khwezi Magwaza
  • Leila Billing
  • Lenina Rassool
  • Lisa-Anne Julien
  • Mark Tomlinson
  • Monica Lambon
  • Nicole Gonzalez
  • Paula Andrea Ramírez Diazgranados
  • Ramatoulaye Ndao
  • Rebecca Ladbury
  • Ria de Wet

Grantee Partners

Through our grant making we aim to strengthen the evidence on prevention of and response to VAC and VAW, and redress the deep inequity in research funding between high income and low and middle income countries. Please see the SVRI Research Grant for our grantee partners.

Partner with Us

Get in touch with us at to discuss potential partnerships around online events, co-writing and projects, or if you simply want to get connected to others in the field.

For all grant-related information, click here.

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