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The 4Ws and 1H of our Story

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Who we are: The largest network on research on violence against women and violence against children including researchers, practitioners, donors, activists, and policy makers across the globe.

What we do: We are a field building network. We support and fund evidence building and generation. We gather, curate and distil and disseminate evidence and knowledge for improving policy and practice. We provide spaces and facilitate knowledge exchange to develop innovations to strengthen prevention of and response to violence against women and violence against children in low- and middle-income countries.

Where we do it: SVRI intentionally and unapologetically supports research led by researchers in LMICs. SVRI’s operational centre is in South Africa.

Why we do it: Violence against women and violence against children undermine the fundamental human rights of women and children, can cause irreparable physical and emotional harm – even death – and impacts individuals and communities over generations. Gender based violence can prevent women and children from accessing education, employment and other opportunities, and hinder women’s participation in political spaces. The substantial economic and development costs of VAW and VAC further widen the gender inequality divide within and across countries and global regions and impede development.

How we do it: We are committed to building the field by providing research grants along with bespoke training, technical accompaniment and facilitating knowledge exchanges between grantees and other stakeholders; hosting the SVRI Forum every two years; providing multiple platforms for networking, support, information and technical guidance to practitioners/researchers in the field; convening meetings and facilitating collaboration between researchers, practitioners, donors, policy makers and other key decision makers, and developing tools and methods to support ethical, rigorous and impactful research, as well as, where needed, challenging currently accepted ways of doing research.

Even though they haven’t been funding us for a couple of years now, I have got lots of [opportunities] coming through the SVRI […] so SVRI has been our ambassador and we appreciate that, there are few funders […]  like that. ~ Former grantee on ongoing support post grant

SVRI has been helpful in providing access to networks & linkages, by regularly forwarding call for proposals of other organisations – it’s a very good thing that there’s generosity on the part of SVRI in trading information like that. ~ Grantee on partnerships

The Forum had an amazing overview of new science and practice. Huge congrats and gratitude for elevating sexual violence through this Forum. ~ Forum 2022 delegate

The supportive environment and thoughtful approach to making the Forum so holistic and continued excellence in the content and format and appreciated greater attention to presenter and content diversity. ~ Forum 2022 delegate

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