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As a field, many of us yearn for space and opportunities to share, discuss, and debate: the “how to” of doing great research, programmes, and advocacy that will improve the lives of women and children in low- and middle-income countries; to discuss the challenges we face as in doing so, especially in vulnerable settings on highly sensitive topics. For example, in terms of research, we want to hear about, share and discuss ethical issues, the different measures and tools being used, how tools have been validated for different settings, and what we know and what we need to know more about to build better programmes and responses. A blog is an opportunity to share successes and failures; the importance of evidence; discuss how we can challenge hierarchies of knowledge, share learnings on adapting and/or developing an intervention, and what we need to think about if we want to take our interventions to scale. A blog can even be a short description of your project – what you are wanting to achieve, how you are strengthening the evidence, and how you are doing so or even a summary of a fantastic presentation you have been to. There are so many new innovations, developments, and discussions underway in the field – please share them with us via a blog.  Let us help you share them with the world. Email your ideas and blogs to us at

All submitted blogs are reviewed by the SVRI prior to publishing. Please note that not all blogs will be published.

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