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The SVRI is committed to supporting research and practice partnerships that are diverse and inclusive, and led by researchers / practitioners in low- and middle-income countries to undertake research that will advance our knowledge on how to improve responses and / or prevent violence against women and violence against children.

SVRI Grant Making

SVRI grant-making is grounded in feminist principles and acknowledges and addresses imbalanced power dynamics between donors and researchers as well as in partnerships between high-income and low- and middle-income countries, and within countries and between researchers and practitioners. The SVRI calls for research that is priority driven and impactful and exemplifies equitable research partnerships and processes that promote the leadership of low- and middle-income country-based researchers.

The SVRI has been grant making in different ways since 2012. In 2013 we formally launched the SVRI Grant, and in 2015-2020, we created a pooled fund with the World Bank Group and Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, where we co-funded the SVRI WBG Development Marketplace Awards. In 2021 we partnered with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the Wellspring Philanthropic Fund to establish the SVRI Research Grant: Knowledge for Action to End Violence Against Women and Violence Against Children.

Research that is supported by the SVRI must:

  • Adhere to international safety and ethical guidelines.
  • Engage the community that is being researched, where relevant.
  • Focus on low- and middle-income settings.
  • Challenge gender hierarchies and promote gender equity.
  • Be conceptualized within a human rights framework.
  • Inform policies, programmes, services, research methods and tools.
  • Strive to be cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary; and
  • Serve to strengthen prevention of violence against women and children and access to comprehensive care and support for survivors.

What we like to see in grant applications:

The SVRI looks for research that will advance knowledge on violence against women and violence against children and advance prevention and response interventions in low- and middle-income countries; which is led by organisations based in low- and middle-income countries and guided by local project advisory boards; and which is multidisciplinary, multisectoral and consortium-led.

Grant applications should include:

  • A well-written, concise abstract;
  • Justification for the study, showing how it is informed by and builds on current evidence;
  • Description of how the study team have considered and will address ethical issues and confirmation that ethical approval has been or will be sought;
  • Clear research uptake plans;
  • A logical, clear budget;
  • Sound budget justification;
  • Clear description of the of the project team members, their roles and responsibilities, and experience of VAW and / or VAC research.

SVRI grantee outputs by project and by year are provided in the map below. For more information on the grant, how to apply and the selection process is available on the Apply for Research Grant tab.

SVRI Research Grant 2025

Applications for the SVRI Research Grant 2025 are now closed.

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