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Advancing Svri’s Work On Vac And Csa To Strategically Contribute To The Field

Mago, A., Gevers, A., & Dartnall, E. (2022). Advancing SVRI’s work on VAC and CSA to strategically contribute to the field. Pretoria, South Africa: SVRI. 


The SVRI is a global south based, women-run organisation, focusing on supporting practitioner research partnerships for evidence-building around the issue of violence against women (VAW) and violence against children (VAC), committed to building a gender equitable world, where we can all live free from violence driven by gender inequality. Through our strategic plan we contribute to regional and global evidence building on what works to end violence against women and violence against children, with a focus on low and middle income countries (LMICs) where the burden of gendered violence is greatest, yet where the least resources are available for research and evidence based response and prevention efforts.

Between 2021-2022, SVRI has undertaken a series of processes, including a scoping review of work done by SVRI on VAC and child sexual abuse (CSA) along with a series of dialogues with the field and SVRI Leadership Council and Board using multiple platforms and methods, to frame our work on VAC and CSA moving forward.

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