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Wherever We Go Someone Does Us Harm Violence Against Refugee And Migrant Children Arriving In Europe Through The Balkans

Burgund Isakov, A., Krasić, B., Marković, V., Milic, N., Ristić, T., & Žegarac, N. (2022). Executive Summary: “Wherever we go, Someone does us Harm”: Violence against refugee and migrant children arriving in Europe through the Balkans. Save the Children International, Save the Children North West Balkans. 


In this report, Save the Children and the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Sarajevo present in-depth research into the level and types of violence that children experience while attempting to reach Western Europe via the Balkans route, the circumstances of that violence, and the policies and practices that exist to support children. They also make recommendations for governments, NGOs and other stakeholders, to strengthen the protection and support available to these children. Read the full report here.

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