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Five Ways

While the world may have been caught off guard by the size and ramifications of the COVID-19 crisis, it should be prepared to respond to the increased risks to the wellbeing and safety of children and women. Violence against children and violence against women are widespread globally and intrinsically linked, sharing common risk factors and similar adverse and severe consequences.

This blog explores five ways in which governments are responding to violence against women and children during COVID-19. Read full blog

Photo: UNICEF/UNI315905/@_girl_from_pluto; Sophia (@shots_by_sophia) is part of a small group of teen photographers with a shared thirst for new inspiration and the tenacity to continue documenting their lives with photographs. They used Instagram’s messaging system to create ‘Covid-19 Photos For Teens’. They come from places such as Denmark, India, Canada, and the US.

Written by Alessandra Guedes, Amber Peterman, Dina Deligiorgis

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