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Olivia’s research focuses on the humanitarian and development sectors. She is interested in the values shaping these sectors and am currently researching localization and cross-organizational collaboration. She often look at these topics through the lens of secular and religious dynamics.  She works with a largely sociological lens, yet in an interdisciplinary style that has brought me knowledge and experience with a wide range of topics over the years from social and behaviour change communication, to gender studies, refugee response, global health, education in emergencies, and climate change. Currently, Olivia is the Director of Research for the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities. In this position, she has collaborated with many of the international multilateral and bilateral organizations, NGOs, university partners, and foundations (for example, UNICEF, UNHCR, WBG, WHO, UNFPA, GIZ, USAID, World Vision, Islamic Relief, ACT Alliance, Oxfam, RedR, Tearfund, Institute of Development Studies, Harvard Divinity School, Leeds University, University College London, Gates Foundation, Hilton Foundation, Henry Luce Foundation, Templeton Religions Trust).  She has collaborated with national and local organizations, such as E-CARE and Duyog Marawi in the Philippines, among others. She holds a PhD and Master’s in humanitarian action from Trinity College Dublin and Université catholique de Louvain respectively. Her undergraduate degree in Theology and Religious Studies is from the University of Cambridge. She has had visiting affiliations with the University of the Philippines Diliman and Columbia University. 

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