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Decolonised and Inclusive: Reflections on the generation of VAW prevention evidence for African Women’s Rights Organisations

    For many African women’s rights organisations (WROs), the prevention of violence against women is underpinned by legacies of systemic erasure, silencing and limited participation in shaping what and how emerges as knowledge and evidence. With growing opportunities around what works to promote prevention, the question of how activists, researchers and frontline organisations and funders can consciously cultivate a culture that promotes inclusivity of methods, tools, approaches and practices for robust knowledge and evidence remains critical.

    The African Women’s Development Fund, the Sexual Violence Research Initiative and Raising Voices co-hosted a researcher-practitioner dialogue on VAW prevention knowledge and evidence generation on 9 September 2021. Drawing on their convener niche, the partnership provided a platform for selected voices from the African women’s rights movement and the VAW prevention research and practice space to deepen insights for reflective implementation, stronger collaborations, and relevant financing.

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    Generating knowledge and evidence on the prevention of violence against women: An introductory guide


    Decolonising Vaw Prevention (5)


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