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Whats In A Name The New Jlisvri Faith Spirituality Religion And Gender Based Violence Hub Promoting Decolonial Knowledge 1 540x540

What’s in a name? The new JLI/SVRI Faith, Spirituality, Religion and Gender-based Violence Hub – Promoting Decolonial Knowledge

    Addressing the interplay of gender, religion and spiritualities is at the very heart of achieving gender equality. Violence against women and violence against children takes place across faith communities all over the world, and concurrently the faith environment offers support to survivors of different forms of gendered violence. Women survivors and victims, as ways of coping, turn to their faith and spiritual groups and leaders to seek counsel and support during their experiences of violence. Religious and spiritual leaders and other actors in the development and the gender-based violence sector have a critical role to play in recognising and supporting these efforts and in bringing about dialogue and collaboration between key actors.

    In this webinar, the members of the JLI/SVRI´s Faith, Spirituality, Religion and GBV Hub Leadership Council discussed the new approach of the Hub and share its objectives and research agenda for the period 2022 – 2024.

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