SVRI and World Bank Group Development Marketplace Award for Innovation in the Prevention and Response of Gender Based Violence 2020

This year, the Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) and World Bank Group are granting competitive funds to 9 research institutions from around the world to address violence against women. The winners are as follows: 

A WhatsApp chatline offering 24-hour gender-based violence response and survivor support for female entertainment workers in Cambodia: a pilot study
Project summary
: This study will test the feasibility and effectiveness of a SMARTgirl Chatline that provides 24-hour emotional support via WhatsApp to female entertainment workers in Cambodia who are gender based violence survivors.
Lead agency: KHANA Center for Population Health Research
PI: Siyan Yi
Journal article: Developing a WhatsApp hotline for female entertainment workers in Cambodia: a qualitative study

Project summary: Zethembe is an exciting study aimed at using human-centred curriculum design processes to tailor HIV and intimate partner violence prevention interventions for the specific context and needs of young women in informal settlements in Durban, South Africa.
Lead agency: Project Empower
PI: Laura Washington

Alcohol, intimate partner violence and household economy: an assessment of liquor ban in Bihar
Project summary
: This research project will evaluate the impact of alcohol prohibition implemented in the state of Bihar, India, on intimate partner violence, household economy and wellbeing of women among the urban poor. It will also explore how drinking practices interact with local patriarchy and other socio-economic factors to influence the nature of violence against women
Lead agency: Institute for Human Development
PI: Bhim Reddy

Mapa do Acolhimento
Project summary
: Mapa do Acolhimento is a platform that connects survivors of gender-based violence with an extensive network of vetted lawyers and therapists who are willing to provide them with free services. This study seeks to unpack the Mapa do Acolhimento program to better understand how it works and to undertake a proof of concept study to see if Mapa do Acolhimento is promising in making a difference to the lives of women survivors.
Lead agency: Nossas
PI: Enrica Duncan

Testing reintegration model "trust" for women and girls’ survivors of gender-based violence with their families and communities in Jordan
Project summary
: This study will use mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative methods) to evaluate a unique model of "reintegration" for survivors of violence in Jordan. The reintegration model includes case management, vocational training, Psycho-social services, support a reduction in negative coping mechanisms, and private sector contribution.
Lead agency: Jordan Forum for Business and Professional Women; and Hakoura for Educational Programs
PI: Khalid Suliman

Estrategia comunitaria con un enfoque inclusivo para la prevención y atención de la violencia contra las mujeres
Project summary
: The goal of the project is to contribute to the prevention and care of violence against women in Bolivia through piloting, testing and adapting an inclusive intervention model based on Community Promoters in Bolivia.
Lead agency: Universidad Catolica Boliviana
PI: Fernanda Wanderley

Sexual violence at the universities in Serbia: Raising awareness and developing innovative mechanisms of victim support
Project summary
: This project provides an interesting opportunity to address important questions related to sexual violence against students in universities. The project will review existing university policies and care pathways and develop tailored, innovative and evidence-based mechanisms for timely and sensitive response and support to sexual assault survivors at the universities.
Lead agency: Viktimolosko drustvo Srbije/Victimology Society of Serbia
PI: Jasmina Nikolic

Impact on men's attitudes and behaviours of a multi-component, gender-informed, father-inclusive intervention for early child development in Vietnam
Project summary
: This project will evaluate the extent to which participation in a multicomponent, gender-informed, father-inclusive program to improve early childhood development is associated with men having more equitable attitudes towards infant care and household work, and lower rates of gender-based violence perpetrated by men against their wives during pregnancy and in the first two postpartum years.
Lead agency: Monash University
PI: Prof Jane Fisher

Improving global violence prevention by optimizing the construction of outcome measures for impact evaluation of interventions
Project summary
: This study will explore the implications of different measurement, coding and analysis strategies for accurately estimating the impact of different interventions on violence onset prevention, frequency reduction, severity reduction, and cessation, while maximizing statistical power. The researchers will produce a set of “public goods”: resources that will strengthen the ability of the researchers to produce the most powerful and valid inferences possible in future impact evaluations.
Lead agency: Johns Hopkins University
Co-PIs: Lori Heise, Sangeeta Chatterji, Christopher Boyd.

The first four projects are funded by the SVRI.

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