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SVRI Workshop: Building the evidence base in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

SVRI Workshop: Building the evidence base in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

    This workshop was the first offering of technical assistance on building evidence for primary prevention of sexual and gender based violence through the SVRI. The workshop serves as the foundation for the SVRI Primary Prevention project that aims to support country teams to adapt and / or test primary prevention interventions. Participants include consortiums from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, as well as colleagues from international agencies and research institutions. The research teams participating in the workshop were selected through a competitive peer review process. At the workshop the SVRI and colleagues will share learning with and provide technical assistance to these teams on primary prevention of child abuse and neglect through parenting and GBV prevention interventions in schools. The overall aim of the workshop is to facilitate the development of draft research proposals for the testing of evidence based interventions for the primary prevention of sexual and gender based violence in three low income countries.

    Workshop presentations

    What is primary prevention? Theory and practice
    Relationship influences on child psychological development
    Improving the quality of mother–infant relationships and infant attachment in a socio-economically deprived community in South Africa: A randomised control trial
    SHARE Project: School-based GBV Prevention in South Africa
    Preventing violence against women and children: Two approaches
    Research and Schools: Theories and approaches
    Comparing approaches and models to delivery of parenting programmes: Mothers Union and Mema kwa Jamii
    Developing measures of parent-child relationships: A tool development project
    Discussion on ethics of conducting research with children
    Discussion on adapting imported models: Issues for consideration

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